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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Program Outcomes


Joint Degree Option


Career Opportunities


​Program Description


The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is grounded on theory and practice, immersion, and research. Dynamic and grounded learning opportunities are provided to students to enable application of theories and principles into practice. The program has produced graduates who have either pursued a career in clinical psychology or a degree in medicine. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program leans more on the application of psychology in the industry. The program has produced notable alumni in the fields of human resources, education, and management in both local and international settings.

Program Educational Objectives

After graduation and having been substantially exposed to professional practice of the discipline, the following are expected:

  • Explain the different theories (or schools of thought) in Psychology and the various research methods used in the study of human behavior..

  • Discuss the different factors and life aspects that have significant impact on human behavior

Program Student Outcomes

At the end of the program, students are expected to demonstrate the following:

  • Explain human behavior using various psychological theories and principles.

  • Conduct research which is of publishable quality.

  • Communicate effectively in multidisciplinary and multi-cultural contexts.

  • Perform psychological assessment and evaluation using standardized instruments and procedures.

  • Develop instruments that will appropriately measure and assess psychological constructs.

  • Implement essential behavioral interventions using basic psychological techniques.

  • Formulate and execute psychological programs that will address real-life problems.

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